Michael’s Testimonials

I have done hypnotherapy sessions with Michael several times over the years for various issues, and always have gotten good results. Three weeks ago I did a weekend workshop with him in San Francisco and it was amazing!” – R. Lee.

I moved from Costa Rica to Canada a few years ago and I was still having a hard time adjusting to the cold winters. I was spending a lot of my time and energy trying to stay out of the winter “blahs” and was not having a good time. My sessions with Michael last year worked completely. I think I am on my game way more than I was before and not wasting time being distracted/bothered/totally worn down by the weather anymore. Great stuff.” – R. Gutierrez.
The breath training/repatterning we did in the first hypnotherapy session has made a big change in my anxiety/stress levels at work. Michael seems to have a great grasp of the body and how it works, how to work with the nervous system to rewire the stress response, and how to relax. This work is deep. It was very relaxing and informative too. For those open to deeper levels of exploration and healing.” – G. Anderson

I completed one session and then attended a weekend workshop in San Francisco with Michael. After the workshop I felt peaceful and calm. I gained new insight into ways I could move forward in my life an I also walked away with tools that I have been able to apply since then, and continue to benefit from. Five stars for an excellent experience. I would go again!” – A. Long.

I originally came for a session with Michael to deal with test anxiety, which had been getting worse over time. I got relief from the anxiety and also learned about how to manage my emotional states better in general. That has been tremendously helpful. I liked that he worked with me on the hypnotherapy but was also able to make lifestyle and nutritional suggestions to help support me.” – J. Sims.

I saw Michael for a series of sessions to help me work through some old feelings and attitudes that I felt were getting in my way. I was super impressed with his ability to help me identify the underlying issues keeping me from moving forward both professionally and personally.(I had some ongoing health issues that I was dealing with that created quite a bit of stress for me.) I felt like he truly listened and had a solid grasp of me and my situation on multiple levels during our sessions. After years of struggling, I feel like I finally got some relief and am moving in the right direction! Thanks!” – R. Sylvia.

I have had one hypnotherapy session with Michael Nolan and was very impressed. It was my first time doing hypnotherapy and he made me feel very comfortable with the process. He helped me get down to what was the root issue I was dealing with, and also gave me a technique to use after my session. I have had good results from my first session and plan to continue doing the homework. I will go back to Toronto Hypnotherapy again!” – N. Castor.

Michael introduced me to Self-Hypnosis, and it entered my life at just the right point. I was contemplating some significant life changes and the process played a pivotal and serendipitous role in allowing me to get real, become more authentic and act with greater confidence and self-knowledge. It is a great tool to counteract negativity, and now I truly cannot imagine my life without it. Michael guides you through the process with ease and clarity, is a very attentive and focused listener as you discuss your goals and aims with him and some of our conversations have had tremendous merit and effect outside of the process as well. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” – A. Katyal.

From the first session with Michael, I was impressed with his affirming presence. These sessions brought self-awareness, balance, overall vitality, and healing beyond expectation.  Hypnosis has helped me to gain clarity, refocus on self, act with intention, and access power. In current sessions, he also draws on teachings from a diverse set of practitioners. The work has been healing and transformative.” – L. Marin

I came to Michael for help with TMJ disorder that I’ve suffered with for several years.  I noticed improvement after the session.  Subsequent sessions continued to loosen and relax my jaw so I am very pleased with the outcome of the treatments.” – S. Downton

There’s a lot to be said about being in the right place at the right time.  That’s where I was when Resource Method found me. It has been embraced and incorporated into my life with total gratitude. I’ve experienced the deepest relaxation ever and a new peace in my life plus a new confidence.” – B. Barrie.

I have participated in the Resource Method Level One workshop taught by Andrew and Michael. I also had 5 private sessions with Michael and a few sessions with Andrew. Since I began working with them, I have had MAJOR breakthroughs and I am still having those breakthroughs today. My life is on a completely different trajectory now from where it was last winter. I got some real clarity around my relationships, finances and now feel free and liberated. I was depressed and overwhelmed, jobless and was in search of a diaper bank when I met these folks. I was in tears all the time as I worried as to how to support my baby. After my first session with Michael, my energy levels and vibration shifted, doors opened all of a sudden and I began having a great life since. I got employment in a perfect scenario, my graduate admissions came through and I currently enjoy financial peace while also achieving my dreams to become a Doctor of Philosophy in my field. Thank you very much Andrew and Michael. You both are my blessings. To anyone seeking happiness and clarity in their lives, I recommend (100%) Toronto Hypnotherapy.” – O. Oshobugie.

After one session, I felt incredibly comfortable with the entire experience. I went in skeptical, and came out more relaxed and accepting. After my third session, I was convinced this was something I could work with, make work for me, and accept as a true viable solution. I cannot express enough admiration for the staff, their compassion, caring, and depth of knowledge. I highly recommend Toronto Hypnotherapy, without reservation or doubt – if you want to improve your life, this is a great tool to use.” – A. Apps.